Looking through the Yellow Pages, it seems like there’s a lawyer for everything. It would be misleading, however, to believe that attorneys work only within clearly-defined specialties.
My practice consists of several interrelated areas. At heart, I help clients plan for the future, administer estates and trusts, and sort out the consequences when things go wrong.


My planning work takes several forms, including:

  • Creating “aging care” plans designed to minimize conflict among family members, business partners, and loved ones;
  • Structuring business agreements and relationships to avoid litigation;
  • Protecting assets from potential creditors – including the tax man.
  • Preventing fraud by implementing “checks and balances” within estate planning documents, trusts, and business agreements.
  • Sorting out the pieces after the death of a loved one;
  • Managing trusts;
  • Providing advice concerning existing business agreements.
  • Working with families to resolve conflicts related to a loved one’s care;
  • Recovering damages for victims of fraud and abuse;
  • Administering estates and trusts following the death of a loved one;

Asset Protection

Business Issues

Elder Issues

Estate Planning




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