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Core values.

I was raised in Central Florida by professional psychotherapists.
Throughout my upbringing, my parents
instilled in me the importance of
respecting others while also setting firm boundaries. As a practicing attorney,
I strive to achieve the utmost professionalism and courtesy while
also attaining successful results
for my clients.


In my legal career, I have helped many
different types of people navigate the
legal system. I have helped ordinary
people perform divorces, and
sophisticated businessmen settle complicated commercial disputes.
I have also sat on both sides of
the bench.

Feel at ease.

At The Law Office of Brian R. Claeys. Whether it’s starting a business, selling a
house, or settling a dispute, every person faces occasional events which require
the services of an attorney. As a lawyer, it is my first priority to make every client feel
at ease with the complicated and often bewildering legal system.

Brian Claeys

What qualities make for a good attorney? Of course, there is the raw, technical ability to use the law in order to meet the client’s needs. However, what many attorneys neglect in the quick race to “victory by any means” are the core values of integrity, respect, and honesty – towards both the client and other members of the community.

Our Services

  • Business law: contracts, business formation, incorporation.
  • Condominium law
  • Construction law
  • Insurance: denial of property damage, home insurance, auto insurance
  • Criminal law: expungements, drug cases, DUI
  • Collections
  • Wills, trusts, and estate planning