Owning a business represents the American Dream. Indeed, there are few things in life so rewarding as growing an entrepreneurial concept into a profitable reality. Working in concert with other financial professionals, I use the following tools and strategies to assist business owners:


Most private businesses are owned by a small group of people. By developing fair business succession plans, I help business owners and their families avoid needless conflict by making sure the “wrong” people don’t take over management of the company.


Like trusts, well-drafted partnership agreements help minimize tax obligations and put business owners on the path to success. These agreements are an integral piece of a thoughtful estate plan, and should not be treated as an afterthought. (Likewise, estate planning issues should not be an afterthought to otherwise sound partnership agreements!)


By developing strong checks and balances, I help business owners remain vigilant of fraud, and recover damages when Prince Charming turns out to be a toad.

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